Zan's Facility Maintenance
AI Platform

✓ Improve your facility customer experience

✓ Optimize facility maintenance resources

✓ Reduces material waste


Zanitor - Zan's Facility Maintenance AI Platform is a continuously learning AI system which uses curated data from:

✓ Relevant IoT sensors

✓ Occupant's feedback through feedback displays

✓ Cognitive/Environmental data such as weather, flight schedules etc.

✓ Other Third-Party data

Zanitor consumes all the data available to it and uses what is relevant based on its past knowledge and eliminates those that don’t add value. Zanitor is a hierarchial learning and inference model that predicts cleaning needs based on aggregated signals and provides actionable recommendations which help cleaning staff maintain high efficiency and Quality of Service.


Key Benefits

• Predictive Cleaning

• Labor Optimization

• Paper Wastage Reduction

• Cost Saving

• User Satisfaction


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